Technical Policy

"DNIPROAZOT" today - is a single mechanism, consisting of dozens of shops and services, which effectively fulfill production tasks of the enterprise, reliable support for the region's economy and the country.

Ammonia and urea, caustic soda and hydrochloric acid are in demand in the global and domestic markets, agricultural, chemical and energy industries, metallurgy and mechanical engineering, as chlorine and sodium hypochlorite play a strategic role in the water system of Ukraine.

The basis of the production strategy of the company is to ensure stable operation of the plants, modernization and reconstruction of equipment, carrying out a strict policy of energy conservation, support for environmental safety in the region.

The workers and experts of technological industries, groups of shops and services, the chief mechanic, chief power engineering, construction and project services, departments of safety and technical control own extensive experience in projects of varying complexity and technology are able to perform all their tasks.

As a result, the competent technical policy: ensure the stability of production, reduced consumption of ammonia for the production of urea; reduced costs of thermal energy in the shops urea-1, 2-urea; achieved significant savings of natural gas; as a result of its own production of electricity decreased costs for its purchase.

JSC "DNIPROAZOT" gives priority to preventive measures aimed at minimizing the impact of its activities on the environment and health of employees. To this end, the company is actively implementing the latest technology, it optimizes the use of natural resources and reduces manufacturing emissions. The company also strives to ensure that each of its employees feel responsible for nature conservation.

Along with traditional methods of protection of the environment (water management, air pollution control, clean-up measures of soil and its restoration, replacement of damaged and obsolete equipment) in the arsenal of the company and are the newest, cutting-edge technologies and methods.

The company makes every effort to reduce the negative impact of industrial activity on the environment and strives to develop the business without compromising that of future generations.