Our staff

Personnel Management Policy is aimed todevelop staff skills and attract talented young people, as well as the formation of a corporate culture that motivates for self-realization and achievement of results. The company has created an environment conducive to team building, exchange of experience, development of creative thinking and improve the professional competence of staff.

Decent wages of employees - the basis of the personnel management system. Social payments and benefits - an integral part of the remuneration of staff. We are proud of the fact that during the crisis were able to save part of the social package and plan to further increase its volumes. Between management and employees of the company signed a collective agreement, which provides for all obligations of the parties. Every year, summed up his performance.

The basis of the company's personnel policy program laid personnel reserve, which forms the core of a strong professional team and an environment in which every employee can take the initiative to realize their intellectual and creative potential, to constantly improve their professional level.

Labor and professional competitions, the passage of paid work experience, sport events and more ignited excitement, stimulate the workers and specialists to increase their professionalism.

The personnel reserve program of the Company includes systematic work to identify the best and most promising employees, their training and promotion to key managerial positions. Tthe Company's personnel reserve program - it is a guarantee of security personnel and the growth of business efficiency for employees - is first of all opportunity for development and career growth.

This approach to human resources management allowed the joint stock company "DNIPROAZOT" become one of the most attractive employers in the region.