Staff motivation

Decent wages - the basis of the personnel management system of the Company. Social payments and benefits - an integral part of the remuneration of staff. We are proud of the fact that during the crisis were able to save part of the social package and plan to further increase its volumes. The Company has developed guidelines for collective bargaining. Social package applies to all employees and divisions, and includes incentives aimed at health care and recreation; voluntary medical insurance; free and discounted vouchers for rest and spa treatment for employees and their children; allocation of material assistance in difficult situations, a lump sum at retirement age. All these benefits are an important part of corporate health program staff.

The company twice a year, summarizing the work, defined and promoted best shops, change, service. 28 employees are awarded the title "Best Specialist of JSC "DNIPRAZOT" that provides a 50% premium to the rate or salary for 6 months. In 2010, it established the medal "For merits in the development of the enterprise". Every year 2 people are awarded.

Our Board of JSC "DNIPROAZOT" headed by Sergei Sidorov is seeking every opportunity to develop the company and to ensure competitiveness of its products.

Much attention is the company's management and trade union pay welfare projects. Year-round chemists rest on the banks of the Dnieper in the Sanatorium "Chemist", equipped with the most modern diagnostic and therapeutic medical equipment.

In spring, summer and autumn - hospitably opened the door resort "Bukovel" in the Carpathians. Throughout the year, company employees and their families have a rest in the resorts of Egypt and Turkey.

One of the best cultural and educational institutions of the city became the Palace of Culture "Chemist". There is the museum of the enterprise’s history.

Sports club "Promin" has a base that allows chemists to engage in many sports, competitions national and international level. The club has trained a lot of athletes, who successfully represented the company to compete in chess, backgammon, table tennis and other sports.

Over the years, the company visited Leonid Brezhnev, Vladimir Scherbitsky, chairman of the USSR Nikolai Tikhonov, President Leonid Kravchuk. Leonid Kuchma held in our meeting of directors of enterprises producing mineral fertilizers (during Prime Minister).

In these difficult times of JSC "DNIPROAZOT ' lives, works, carries out reconstruction.

Our qorkers love and are proud of our company. We have a lot of labor dynasties. We all have a stake in its successful work and prosperity.

High professionalism, creative approach, active work of engineering, the ability to make unusual, and sometimes risky decisions, persistency of purpose, and demands helped staff Dneprodzerzhinsk chemists win in the most difficult situations.