Quality Policy

Quality policy is the integral part of general strategy of Joint Stock Company "DNIPROAZOT" and is directed toward the implementation of primary objectives – continuous increase in the satisfactoriness of consumers, shareholders, suppliers, staff and company in tote. The quality of turn out products is the key indicator of an increase in the competitive ability of production and prosperity of enterprise in this regard. Quality Management System for compliance with requirements of International Standard ISO 9001:2000 "Quality Management Systems requirements" is certified in enterprise from 2005.

Quality management system (QMS) is based in enterprise on the totality of the correlated processes, commercial mutual relations stipulated by performance of contractual, legislative and normative requirements at the up-to-date level of solution of questions of quality and recommendations of the International standards of series ISO 9000.

A constant improvement in the activity of enterprise is ensured by means of lean leadership of processes for the exercise of policy and achievement of the objective in the field of quality, by means of determination and subsequent optimization of the parameters of processes oriented to adoption of alternative and energy-saving technologies, to the stability of production and the quality of production.

Conditions for a continuous increase in the staff skills, professional self-actualization of personnel and its complete involvement in the solution of the tasks of enterprise are created in the enterprise.

The top management of Joint Stock Company "DNIPROAZOT" announces its leadership in the development and introduction of effective QMS that is the guarantee of strict fulfilment of requirements for the functioning, a constant analysis and improvement of the quality management system. It ensures the popularization of policy and purposes in the sphere of quality in enterprise.