Certificate for quality management system in accordance with the requirements of international standards ISO 9001:2015 №SIC.MS.008.ISO9001.386 from 29 dec. 2017;
Certificate for Ecological management system in accordance with international standards ISO 14001:2015 №SIC.MS.008.ISO14001:387 from 29 dec. 2017;
License AB № 586953 from 20 feb. 2015 "Production is particularly unsafe substances: liquid chlorine (GOST 6718-93);
License number AE 575633 from 29 jan. 2015 "Purchase, production, savings, into the territory of Ukraine, export from Ukraine, the destruction, the use of precursors";
License number AG 575 392 from 08 apr. 2011 "Building";
BP license number 034830 from 23 mar. 2012 "Providing training institutions associated with obtaining vocational training at the level of qualification requirements";
BP license number 036400 from 25 oct. 2012 "Supply of natural gas at non-regulated tariff";
License AA №000104 from 24 dec. 2012 The use of sources of radiation ionizirueschego ";
AE License №219868 of 14 aug. 2014 "Design, installation, maintenance of fire safety and heating systems, evaluation of fire state of objects, in Vol. H .: Design of fire alarm systems, fire alarm and evacuation in case of fire; Installation of fire alarm systems;
License AG №590157 from 24 may 2011 "Provision of services for the safe transport of passengers and goods by road ';
AE License №190851 of 30 oct. 2012 "Provision of services for the transportation of goods by rail safer";
BP license №073924 from 09 aug. 2012 "Supply of electricity at non-regulated tariff";
AE License №288944 of 26 feb. 2015 "The centralized water supply";
License number 500432 AG from 11 aug. 2011 "The production of thermal energy for district heating plants and installations using non-conventional energy sources or updated";
License AG №600558 from 21 jun. 2012 "Medical practice";
License number AE 287730 from 08 aug. 2014 "Transporting the heat main and local heating networks";
License number AE 287731 from 08 aug. 2014 "Supply of thermal energy";
License number AE 499782 from 09 oct. 2014 "Retail trade of alcoholic beverages";
Resolution HP №001683 from 21.05.2007. "Permission to use the numbering resource telecommunications operator";
Resolution CPT 12-0170994-0170997 from 11 mar. 2015, BS150-12-016313,016316 from 09 sep. 2014 "Permission to operate radio electronic means of communication."