1938 – Constituting of the enterprise on the basis of Kamienski nitrogen fertilizer complex. New enterprise brings into production of synthetic ammonia for the needs of agriculture having breakthrough technology to that period.

The fifties: Shops for production of nitric acid, flotation agents and ethyl benzene are put on stream.

The sixtieth: Chloric production develops. Processing the salts of the Artemovski deposit, enterprise began to produce the caustic soda, liquid chlorine, chlorobenzene, hydrochloric acid.

The seventieth: The output of toluene diisocyanate, polyvinylchloride resins, carbonic oxide, catalysts, and polystyrene is developed.

The eightieth: Two large-capacity aggregates of ammonia synthesis, and two aggregates on carbamide production, which are the main production plants of the enterprise, are placed in operation. Production of polyisocyanate is put in commission.

The ninetieth: Enterprise was the first in Ukraine to develop a line on the output of disposable tableware made of edible polystyrene. The assortment of consumer goods is expanded.

1993 - The company is reorganized into Open Joint Stock Company "DniproAZOT" and that increases its independence and allows to establish relationships with partners on a new basis.

From 2000th our enterprise is constantly modernized which allows us to increased production and decreased consumption norms of raw materials and energy.

On May 2018 JSC “DNIPROAZOT” celebrated 80 anniversary.