Health and safety

Aware of the responsibility for the health and lives of personnel, using modern best practice techniques for labor protection, administration and trade union committee of the enterprise, with the support of shareholders, seeking to create safe working conditions at every workplace, paying particular attention to the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases.

Policy JSC "DNIPROAZOT" in the field of occupational health and safety consist of the following main objectives:

We have regular training for our staff For staff to prevent accidents and reduce occupational injuries. Our workers actively participate in the discussion of occupational health and safety with the public authorities of the regional and local levels, as well as with civil society organizations.

In order to provide quality health care workers in JSC "DNIPROAZOT" provides voluntary health insurance.

The high degree of responsibility for the preservation of the natural potential of the region defined environmental policy of "DNIPROAZOT". The company has implemented an environmental management system based on international standard ISO 14001, which provides an efficient and careful use of natural resources, monitoring of the environment, reduction of harmful emissions and minimizing waste production.

The favorable geographical position strengthens position in the home market and the proximity to ports and access to raw materials to stimulate export-oriented enterprise.

Glory of "DNIPROAZOT" is long crossed the country, and our products are recognized and in demand in the domestic and international markets.